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Ищу Мужчина Аврора Lilchik

Я женщина, 33 года, Ищу мужчину Возраст от 32 до 40

Lilchik, 33 года, Аврора
Ищу Мужчина Долговременные отношения / брак Форт-Лодердейл Rinalov432

i m look for good relationship for man

Rinalov432, 40 лет, Форт-Лодердейл

Долговременные отношения / брак

Разведён / разведена

Коммерческий директор

Латиноамериканец / испанское происхождение

Ищу Мужчина Фэрфакс Mari1979

Hi, I am looking for a pen-pal leading to marriage. I am more than willing to move.

Mari1979, 38 лет, Фэрфакс
Ищу Мужчина Йорк Matilda444

Check me out!

Matilda444, 37 лет, Йорк
Ищу Мужчина Лос-Анджелес Marina030

I am fair, kind, loyal, elegance, it is good - located, formed, family the focused, sensitive and romantic young lady. I love all life, the engine, trip, flowers, ren, good jokes and laughter, I like to do mine domestic convenient. I am a good student. I love the book and all beautiful. I love...

Marina030, 35 лет, Лос-Анджелес
Ищу Мужчина Ориндж Парк Ennyqueen4lol

Love,care,honest and faithful

Ennyqueen4lol, 37 лет, Ориндж Парк
Ищу Мужчина Канзас-Сити Oblelena

Я женщина, 33 года, Ищу мужчину Возраст от 32 до 42

Oblelena, 33 года, Канзас-Сити
Ищу Мужчина Порт Шарлотта AlinaBrilliant

I very cheerful girl. I very sociable girl, at me am remarkable Friends. I have good sense of humor and appreciate this feature in Other people. I concern to all problems with a smile! During too time I am very serious, and I do not allow itself to be too much Indifferent to any actions in a life....

AlinaBrilliant, 46 лет, Порт Шарлотта
Ищу Мужчина Бельвиль LoveLovely123

Well my Name i Elena!! I love to try new things and go to different places, there is so much the world has to offer and I hope to one day see it all. I love my family and friends and I feel very lucky to get on with them all so well. I love music, Its one of lifes wonders! I love Jazz, Rock, Soul,...

LoveLovely123, 39 лет, Бельвиль
Ищу Мужчина Алтадена Irrinna26

I love s. I like to be a housewife and to make comfort for the beloved person. I am very calm and trustful person and do not like to quarrel. I like to sort out all in a peace and calmness.

Irrinna26, 36 лет, Алтадена
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